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Best offers to get with the White Rann celebration during Full Moon Night

Full Moon Night

Rann of Kutch, a geographical marvel on the north-western part of Gujarat! Kutch is known for its pristine desert which is not exactly a desert by meaning, but the salt lands can eventually be described as no lesser than a desert.

The land beneath is the sea-remains, the white salt grounds evenly… and with the Moon light above, this is something that you’ll crave for, the magical moments of Kutch. It’s going to be the Full moon night, and the land will again sparkle with the luminous moonlight, experience the real picture with surreal wonders of nature.

The Whiteness of Great Rann of Kutch accounts to an area of 16000Km2 equal to being 3/4th of the size of Israel and greater than other countries like Jamaica. The Land of Kutch is an amalgam of artisans and their fulfilled generosity, it will make you say ‘This is Paradise’ when you make yourself dwell in this ethnicity.

Witnessing the White Rann of Kutch at a full Moon night – with perfect getaways, you can plan your visit to during the full moons. Coming 11th of February is the Full Moon Night, It’s a high time in Kutch with ‘Rann Utsav’ Celebration. There are several places to make your stay for the night’s glimpse like the ‘Ekal Ka Rann’ or the ‘Dhordo – scenic tent city and the Rann’, or simply dwelling at the heights of Kutch ‘Kalo Dungar’. These places can make your stay mesmerizingly wonderful.

Come Visit the Rann, it’s going to be the Full Moon Night and witnessing the vast empty land with a whole lot of supreme whiteness, experience the once in a life time. Book your tickets now for amazing tour getaways at Kutch.

Kutch tour guide gives special featured Packages for Rann of Kutch on a full Moon Night. Embrace yourself with the wonderful luminous skyline and the White Rann of Kutch. Request a quote to trip the Land of Kutch on a Full Moon time at Rann of Kutch.

Kutch’s admiration is deep and soulful with Kutch tour Guide. Know about the travel packages and other sights to visit in Kutch. Kutch can be your travel inspiration because it’s devoid of being just a place to see. Experience the Kutch’s unending surprises.