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Incredible White Rann of Kutch

White_RannA landscape of world’s largest salt flat is located in Kutch, Gujarat is a worth visit. A tourist should not resist the opportunity to visit world’s largest salt desert as it is an incredible experience. White desert is located in the Thar Desert and locally known as Rann of Kutch. This land is covered with water in monsoon and becomes salty crust during winter and summer.

Beauty of White Desert

This is the place where you can go and enjoy with your whole family. Here the festival of Rann Utsav is celebrated every year which gives you unforgettable experience for a lifetime. You can stay in a small nearby town named Hodka and then drive to Dhordo while at your tour. When you enter the White Desert, it feels like you walk towards blinding beautiful white salt marsh. This is the place where nature plays a trick on your eyes. It looks like a snow land from a distance but, when you go near, the temperature is warm. Here nothing but pure white land melts into the horizon.

Rann Utsav the festival of Kutch

White Rann of Kutch is one of the most inhospitable places on the earth where you can stay in a tent to enjoy the beauty of the nature. This incredible experience multiplies when you enjoy the festival of Rann Utsav here. It is held in winter time every year. It is the festival of dance, music and culture. Rann Utsav 2015-2016 is planned to be celebrated from November to February this year. I would recommend you to book a Kutch Tour Package if you want to properly enjoy this festival.

Nearby Attraction

You can decide to head up to Black Hill which is the highest point in Kutch district. It is located near to white desert and when you climb to the top, you can see the Pakistan border at one end and white desert at other end.I guarantee that this isthe place which you have never seen before. As the sun set at the edge of earth, it reflects just how big this world is!

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