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Almost all people in every corner of world, likes to enjoy themselves with water, by going to beaches, lakes, etc.

By visiting beautiful beaches, you can definitely calm yourselves, in this toohectic life, where you don’t have time for enjoying.

There are lot many beaches in India, but the beaches of Kutch, takes prime positions, in their aspect of cleanliness, maintenance, and likability of people.

Kutch is the most famous district of Gujarat, which encompasses number of splendid beaches, with their own charm. If you ever visit Kutch, then it becomes mandatory, to visit all the famous beaches, like Mandvi beach, Pingleshwar beach.

Mandvi is a mesmerising place, having Vijay vilas palace, which has its unique history and relevance. Also, some movie scenes have been pictured here. But, main speciality of Mandvi is stunning Mandvi beach, spread in huge area, and is so clean and maintained. You can spend your whole day, relaxing and enjoying in the waves of this beach. Camel safari, horse safari and other games, are also played, by people visiting this beach.

In the evening unforgettable view of sun set, can make you feel luckiest and blessed, by its amazing view. Also, you can enjoy visiting other private beaches present near Mandvi, which can give you privacy and pleasant atmosphere, to enjoy in your own way.

Another beach in popularity is Pingleshwar beach, which is also considered exclusive, having marshlands. It has its location near Kothara, Kutch. Its specialty is its migratory birds, like pelicans and flamingos, which beautifully flies here, and spread their beauty.

Make yourselves luckier and blessed one, by soaking your feet’s, and enjoying yourselves fully at these beaches in Kutch, with your best tour guide agency, none other than Kutch tour guide, and create, customized best tour packages from us, online.