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The Extreme Tourist: Learn about the Gulf of Kutch – Ports

kutch port

Western India’s largest coastline can be dictated with the Gulf of Kutch having variety of natural advantageous maritime activities with a strong geographical feature. Gujarat’s Port is open to world extremities with rising urbanization. Ports are not just bounded with trades, port based Special Economic Zones, warehouses, cold storage networks, railroad connectivity and related infrastructure facilities are being established. Likewise The Ports of Kutch have played a remarkable role in promoting Trade and commerce in an efficient way. The four major ports of Kutch are namely –

  1. Kandla Port
  2. Mundra Port
  3. Mandvi Port
  4. Jakhau Port

The Gujarat maritime board has been superlative with recent years, also accounting upto 35% national cargo, the following video exemplifies the port led development in Gujarat.

Video link: –

Travelling to Kutch’s gulf can leave you spellbound with enormously huge industry orientations.

Kandla Port

One of the major ports of West India, Kandla port (Kandla Port Trust) is the chief sea port serving in western India. It is said to be the largest port of India by volume of cargo held and one of the busiest port with recent years. Kandla port comes under the ministry of Commerce and is an ideal sea outlet after the partition of Pakistan with the Karachi Sea Port. With major participation of crude oil imports, the cargo handled for this Port aces to major account.

Reaching Here: 90Km from Gulf of Kutch

Mandvi Port

Mandvi, this walled city adds as the major municipality of Kutch, is a renowned 400 year old ship building industry. Rested on the banks of Rukmnavati River the Mandvi port is about 56 Km from the region capital, Bhuj. Mandvi Port’s trade can be dated back with east Africa, Malabar Coast, and the Persian Gulf during the 18th century, usually with the spice trade & camel caravan route were drawing famousness here.

Reaching Here: 56Km from Regional Capital Bhuj, 446 Km from Ahmedabad

Mundra Port

The Mundra Port accounts to be the largest Private Port of India with rapid industrialization. Its expansion can be dated back with increments during the earthquake devastation of Kutch. Mundra Port had given rise to many industrialists for trade and commerce and with direct business and industrialization. Today Mundra Port surpasses Kandla in Cargo handling, with its largest private port by Adani SEZ.

Reaching here: 65Km from Bhuj, 400Km from Ahmedabad

Jakhau Port

The extreme weather port of Gulf of Kutch – The Jakhau Port, accounts as one of the oldest port, now being a peripheral for the B.S.F. coastguards and water department in Jakhau. The Jakhau is accomplished as just a minor port for small trades and other occupancy of local fisherman, and counts as one of the beautiful ports in this gulf.

Reaching Here: 130Km from Regional Capital Bhuj

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