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Traditional Rogan Art of Nirona Kutch

When you go on the visit of the Great Rann of Kutch, you might get some spared time to visit some of the colorful villages on the way. If you look for a good place to visit, you come across a typical green board which announces the name of Nirona Kutch. This is the way where you should take a turn to the dusty, dry roads which will take you to the village. Nirona village is famous for its traditional Rogan Art. It is an ancient art which is old over three hundred years. This is the only one village in Kutch district where Rogan Art is practiced.

Rogan is produced from heating castor oil is over fire for more than twelve hours and then casted into cold water. Then this Rogan is mixed with natural colors. Then artisan draws out and paints different designs with a six-inch wooden pen or stick. This work is done very precisely and delicately with one’s own imagination. It requires a lot of concentration to work on the floor without using any table. These beautiful painted cloths are used in making saris, decorative pieces, pillow covers, table cloths and wall hangings.

Apart from these colors of village, Nirona is also famous for other arts like copper bells, leather art, lacquer work, and woolen weaving. This village is one of the must view attractions of Kutch. Especially, Copper bells are actually not made of metal but, scrap sheet metal which is given a copper tinge when completed. The sound quality of these bells is just awesome and sweet.

All over, this village proves why Mr. Bacchan says, “Kutch Nahi Dekha to Kuch Nahi Dekha”. The colorful taste in handicrafts shows the real traditions of Gujarat. These talented artesian should be appreciated in all the way we can. All you just need to visit it while your visit to Kutch. Further you can get a good guidance regarding your Tour to Kutch at our website You can also give us a call at +91 72288 61116