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Vande Mataram Memorial – Celebrate Nation’s Freedom at Kutch

Vande Mataram Memorial Kutch, Bhuj, Gujarat
An Episode of Struggle from Our Heroic Fighters, a Mark of Victory, and A stage of Nation’s Pride, witness all these marvels abided into one. ‘Vande Mataram Memorial’ the ideal masterpiece of our Victory, a Hall Of Fame for every one of us in the country, and an ambitious offering from the aspiring Ashapura – Group of Industries; A National Memorial portraying the Nation’s pride, Vande Mataram Memorial is absolutely one of a kind in a revolutionary approach for 4 Dimensional Memorial Building.

The Vande Mataram Memorial is an eternal sight illustrating the Freedom Movement a level above. The Memorial narrates Timeless Freedom Struggle right from the onset of the Indian Rebellion – The Revolt of Indian Mutiny during 1857, till the commencement of Quit India Movement and the Winning of INC in August 15th 1947. Covered in a land of 10 acres, The Vande Mataram Memorial is a conspectus after 70 years of Independence.

The Vande Mataram Memorial endures in the wealthy city of Bhuj – Kutch, in North-West Gujarat and has the construction style portraying the most honored building of India ‘The Parliament House’. The memorial complex centered by the splendid building ‘The Sansad Bhavan’ has a dimensional area of about 1,00,000 sq ft. it took about 4 years to complete the building of construction with contribution aspects from great historians, architects and sculptors. The Memorial is a replica of the Delhi’s India Gate and the renowned Sabarmati ashram from Gujarat itself. The memorial will have a prior outcast now with respect to coming Indian generations too. With a wide perspective through 4D environment, the Memorial beholds a live experience model not less than an encyclopedia to make perceive every generation of our Nation to relive the freedom movement’s struggle.

The Vande Mataram Memorial now abides for the final inauguration on The Republic Day 2017 by the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Memorial is a mere exploration of the Freedom Struggle times that can absolutely light the spirit among, we Indians. To consort the spirit of Unity and self determination, and to light up a million young hearts and minds, Vande Mataram Memorial enshrines the sacrifices and imperative movement of our dignitary Heroes to excel the Freedom Struggle.

For a perfect year start… A Mesmeric Experience of the Marvel, The Monument of Victory and a devotion to commemorate the sacrifice of our Freedom Fighters, Come feel the Oneness of Being Indian at Vande Mataram Memorial.