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Rann Utsav: A big Cultural Celebration in Gujarat

White desert, Rann Utsav these are the terms which were unknown a few years back. The Rann Utsav idea was proposed by Mr. Narendra Modi, who was Chief Minister of Gujarat during that period. He once visited the army post there and was mesmerized by the beauty of the white desert. So the cultural festival started, and got better by each passing year.

Today Kutch is proudly known for Rann Utsav. And it’s no more just a salt deserted that you wonder being less famous. Rann Utsav is a Celebration by the people of Kutch, greeting the occasion with endless hospitality, art culture, traditions and much more.

 Rann Utsav has so much to offer with the culture of Kutch with fascinating decorations and outstanding traditional living styles on the white desert. Landing just a few kilometers away from Dhordo village, Rann Utsav is renowned for its purely entertaining winter celebration. With the Travel start, on the way to white desert you will come across the village named Bhirindiyara (on the way don’t miss the “meetha mava” at the road side shops)   which is a cultural village with fascinating hospitality of Kutchi. 25Km from here is the gateway to the salt sea bank – Kutch’s White Desert.

The Kutch Rann Utsav Celebration 2016 – 2017 can be experienced commencing from 1st November 2016 and will last till 20th February 2017. You can enjoy the day trip to desert and can also stay there in the tent city.

Tent city is an enchanted place with custom living style in tents these are rested near about the gateway to Rann which makes the Trip more alluring than ever imagined.  There are numerous entertainment activities to make your tri memorable at the Rann Utsav. One can book the tents online too, with that you can also make online bookings of Kutch tour, which is generally included in the package.

Replenish your trip with these activities:

  1. Para motoring

This year Rann offers the Para-Motoring activity. Fulfill your childhood dream of flying at Kutch. This is absolutely safe and the professionals are always there for guidance.

  1. ATV ride

ATV ride is so much fun in desert, though there are no sand dunes in great Rann of Kutch but you may enjoy the layered salt dunes to add drastic fun.

  1. Kite flying

Though you can fly kites whenever you want, but there’s a specially organized kite festival for the enthusiasts. The sky gets filled with lots of colors. The combination of the white desert and colorful kites is worth watching.

  1. Rifle shooting

For all the daring people out there! You can try your hands on shooting. Test your concentration and shooting skills. This is rare chance as you might not always get a riffle in your hand.

  1. Star gazing

White desert isn’t famous for just one activity. People who are nature enthusiast may love doing this. You can watch so many stars twinkling in the sky. Nowadays stars are rare bodies to be seen in the sky due to high level of pollution. But Kutch tour can bring you back your stars.

  1. Shopping

You can also enjoy shopping at Rann. Who knew a monotonous desert may hold so many colors? Shopping of hand crafted clothes, footwear, bed sheets etc. is available here.

  1. Many more activities like pool table, kid’s zone, meditation hall, cultural hall, spa etc.

Who knew once a barren land would be now a place to celebrate a cultural festival, which would attract so many wanderers, photographers and tourists to Kutch? Book your tent now, remember you can get fascinating discounts if you book online.