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White Desert: The Charisma is not over yet

The other day, one of my friends was discussing with me about the Kutch Rann Utsav that happened this year. We were all nearly set to visit the great Rann Utsav but due to some social reasons, we did not make it up to the place. We were still looking for places to travel in March because kids are going to have holidays in March. The thought of visiting Rann of Kutch was still heading and it was prioritizing the other entire destinations. On making an inquiry, we came to know that thought The Rann Utsav 2018-19 is over but if we wished we can still make our way to the great white desert. Now this information that we got was truly thrilling and it was just like a dream come true. On making further inquiry and asking many questions as we usually do, we made a list of information that we are about to share with you all so that anyone like us who had this plans can re-plan it and make a visit.

  1. 1. Winters are the best time to visit the white desert. The Government organizes a grand Kutch Rann Utsav but that ends on 20th of Feb. Though one can have chances to visit the place till March. Though the entire set up of Kutch Rann Utsav is no more there but the place is still filled with serene beauty.
  1. 2. One should surely avoid visit after March till October because summers are really harsh here. The day and night experiences extreme temperature change and the monsoons are not a good time to visit the place as you will not see white desert at all.
  1. 3. The eco-friendly mud houses are built with an attached bathroom and other necessary amenities. Family cottages are also available. One can have a perfect stay here.

  1. 4. The grace of winter is all around the White desert. The migratory birds, the ease of sightseeing and festive mood keeps you energetic.
  1. 5. The safari ride on a camel is one of the most after sought activity here. The beautiful sand dunes keep you amazed by the way they form designs.
  1. 6. The cultural tribes have their own way of folk dance and music to soothe themselves. The harmonious music and dance are surely not something that you would want to miss.
  1. 7. The freezing night invites a typical bonfire. The warmth of fire keeps us to be bonded with the mesmerizing nights of white desert.
  1. 8. The delicacies of Kutch are still very much available here. You can surely treat your taste buds with the relishing Kutchi food.
  1. 9. The most magical moments can be spent during Full Moon nights when the Moon is showering its divine rays onto the white desert making it look truly heaven.
  1. 10. Kutch is famous for its handcraft. Hence you will get the most beautiful handcraft materials that will add charm to your home or yourself.

Don’t forget, the beauty of the White Desert is still there and you can still be a part of this wonderful place even when you have not been able to be a part of Rann Utsav. Get geared up for the most scenic place on this earth. Your plans for March cannot be other than this Great Beautiful White Desert. Get infused in the fresh breeze and a dream that is about to come true.  Our search for the serene destination ended here. What about you? Do get in touch for more information.