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Glimpse and Culture of Kutch Rann Utsav 2018 – 2019

Have you ever been to a holiday and has it happened that those moments still give you a chill down the spine? If you ask me then for me those thrilling moments are the ones that I have spent in Rann Utsav that had taken place this year. People who have been there, they know what a magical place it is. How charismatic a place turns in the midst of winter, starting from November till February. The white salty land gracefully transforms into the white desert carnival and becomes the epitome of beauty. If you have not been able to see that spectacular land then I shall describe a few moments that will motivate you to book your trip to come to Rann Utsav.

Location: Every year Rann Utsav takes place in Kutch district in Gujarat in a small village named Dhordo. Luxurious and comfortable tents are set up for accommodation here. Nearly 400 tents with and without AC are set up for a temporary period of 3 months to grace the carnival. All the basic facilities are necessities are made available along with some amenities. Besides accommodation, a shopping area is been set up so that Kutchi items can be availed by tourists. During the Utsav, the connectivity from Bhuj airport is provided hence reaching this place is facilitated.

Visual treat: I know that when you are on a holiday you want to relax. And when you are on a holiday in beautiful places where sunset and sunrise are just gorgeous then you surely want to don’t miss it. It’s just like a canvass that is filled with colors by the rays of the sun. A beautiful blend of colors that form in the sky and when the earth is just white barren land, trust me that the experience is much beyond the words that you read here. It’s a flawless and mesmerizing treat to your eyes and soul.

Shopping: Holidays can’t get over without shopping. An exquisite market is set up near the tent city to ease tourist with shopping. Kutch being very popular for their excellent handicraft, embroidered materials and hand block print designs, they are all here at one place. Beautiful accessories and jewellery are sold here and they look just outstanding. Beautiful toys and other gift articles are sold here.

Cultural activities: Enjoy a beautiful fold dance from locals of Kutch. Puppet shows are organized so children can have fun. Traditional music is played here and believe me it’s an absolute treat to your ears. The ambiance turns absolute heaven here.

Full Moon bliss: If you have been lucky enough to visit this place during a full moon, then you will feel the sense of serenity here. The magical moon rays and the white land both uniformly make this place feel like heaven. You will surely don’t want to leave the place at all. It is such a wonderful and peaceful experience that you can ever have in your life.

Food and Drink: The tradition of Gujarat says ‘ Atithi Devo Bhava’. At Kutch, you will see that this line is genuinely followed. The most relishing and aromatic food is served here. The Kutchi delicacies will rule your heart and even when your tummy says NO to you but your taste buds don’t want to get over it.

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