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As we all know Kutch has a prominent place in the aspect of tourism. Camel safari is the topic that is to be discussed below. In addition to this Kutch has also developed in other aspects such as camel riding. As we all see camels coming and people who are small in aspect of age climb that and go to ride. But this is said to be unique in the aspect of Kutch region in Gujarat state. Camel safari is the most excited thing in the region of Kutch. Camels are taken to long distances generally when people of Kutch provide a ride. People around Kutch provide this excited ride. Foreign people also show keen interest in enjoying the ride. People come from all over world and climb on to camel. This happens on a large scale only during the months of Rann utsav that is from the months of December till February. The land of Kutch is said to be colorful on the day of full moon and also it is said to be the land of art music and also dance. Camel safari has a good name in countries such as United States of America and Africa. Camel safari is now a days made very much official and costly.

From the past five or six years it has grown up into a large estate of tourism and floating people from all over the world. Cultural interactions are said to be famous in the Kutch region.

Camel safari is mainly done based upon the interest of children and then it matters about adults. Small children really feel excited when they see such large creatures as they are different from human beings. As at that age they have a lot of curiosity they develop a strong desire to climb on that and ride as other people do. This has made the people of Kutch to earn as much money as possible from these aspects. Some old people who also have a small wish or they feel the camel safari as crazy try to climb the camel and have a ride. Kutch people are really lucky as they get revenue based on this aspect.