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Smritivan Memorial Park – An Upcoming Tourist Destination In Kutch

A massive earthquake that once hit the state of Gujarat in the year 2001 on Republic Day was one of the hearts wrenching day in the history. Even today, the memories of the day brings chill down the spine and tears rolls down one’s eye. Smritivan Memorial park is a unique initiative by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in order to commemorate the death of about 13,805 people during this massive earthquake which had its epicenter in Bhuj District and its killer tremors were spread in the entire Gujarat leading to the loss of many lives and infrastructure.

The memorial will occupy around 406 acres of space of the Bhujia Dungar near Bhuj that will show people’s oppressive response to a natural disaster. After all this natural mishap, Kutch has proved to be one of the unparallel cities in terms of growth and people have regained what they lost and started living a normal life. Kutch has been an emerging area since then with its undying spirit and not looking back. Hence it is to be blessed with a Smritivan Memorial Park that will have a museum, convention centre, sunset point and ecological park with around 84 types of trees. It is aimed to plant around 33,500 numbers of trees, look after them and nurture them until they are grown.  The water shall be facilitated by its own rain water irrigation system so that the problem of water scarcity will not be faced.

It is believed that besides this being a memorial park for the victims of 2001 earthquake, this place will also has its own green ecosystem which will be a boon to environment. Smritivan Memorial Park is a vast land that will give glimpse of history to today’s and the coming generation. It will be a place where tourists can spend time and enjoy their visit.  Rann of Kutch is already very a sought destination for many and having a Smritivan in Kutch itself is going to be an added advantage for the tourists. Without a doubt, Smiritivan Memorial Park will be an upcoming destination for Kutch visitors and after so many efforts, hard work and time put in making this one

With so many trees and greenery around the area, it will become a huge ecosystem for many species that would survive better and with tranquility. Smiritivan Memorial park is one huge place that will bring together many factors such as 

  1. It will bring peace to the relatives and friends of the victims of earthquakes disaster and it will help in restoring trust towards humanity.

  2. It will help sustain ecological environment be a shelter to many species.

  3. It will be a pride for Gujarat and further to India for being a memorial park for earthquake victims.

  4. It is going to be one of the most inviting and expressive upcoming tourist spot in Kutch-Gujarat.

Let’s witness with our own eyes a place that will stand close to the heart of many.