Start planning for Rann Utsav 2017-2018

Yes folks! It’s the time of year, where you should start planning for Rann Utsav 2k17-2k18. The official dates for visiting the white beauty aka Rann of Kutch is being declared. The magnificent festival of Kutch

Best Museums of Kutch To Visit During Rann Utsav 2017

According to Wikipedia-“A Museum is an institution that cares for collection of artifacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical and scientific importance.” , and Kutch have a rich cultural and historical heritage. In Kutch there are various museums as mentioned below:

Kutch museum

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Online Permits – Why such an initiative?

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7 Facts to make you an Extreme Traveler of Kutch


Kutch’s an exquisite place to be, and when you want to have a combination of everything that you can experience while on a tour, you should be booking your tickets now for the Kutch Tour. Here are some of the blowing facts that you can experience in Kutch. Take a look at it.

1. If you’re right

Guide to: Planning a Kutch Tour


How it feels to be on a Kutch Tour?

Kutch forms an amalgamation of culture, tradition, wildlife, pilgrimages, nature, and every sort of importance that one can imagine to. Kutch’s esteemed much because of its Arial importance with respect to past trades and commerce

Know about the Pilgrimages of Kutch: The Mystical Narayan Sarovar

narayan sarovar kutch

Narayan Sarovar is a popular pilgrimage for the Hindus, being one of the pious river ghat across over the Kori Creek. It lies near the Lakhpat Taluka in Kutch and holds a temple with fortified wall surrounding.

Importance: Narayan Sarovar

A 100Km away from the regional

Things to Know Before You Reach The Vijay Vilas Palace

vijay vilas palace

You may call it as the Beach Mansion for the Jadeja rulers, or the Beautiful Palace on the sea banks, or just the Mandvi’s Summer Palace, n all aspects the Vijay Vilas Palace is one of the sandstone jewel of Mandvi.

Who’s who of the Vijay Vilas Palace!!!


Rann Utsav – Top Things To Do in the Cultural Celebration


With the beautiful spread of the White Desert and the blue Horizon above, Kutch’s surreal amenities you can just count on. During the winter breeze, Kutch ventures upon a great celebration called ‘‘Rann Utsav” which is a big cultural celebration.


Best offers to get with the White Rann celebration during Full Moon Night

Full Moon Night

Rann of Kutch, a geographical marvel on the north-western part of Gujarat! Kutch is known for its pristine desert which is not exactly a desert by meaning, but the salt lands can eventually be described as no lesser than a desert.

The land beneath is the sea-remains